“We are a group of friends and family who wanted to do something together. We were born and still live in Brussels, Belgium, a very nice place with very bad weather, and we love to travel and search for the perfect place to fly.

When we talked about having a project together, flying a drone with a camera was the perfect combination of our skills, and it became obvious we would have a lot of fun doing this. So we bought our first multicopter, we went to a nice place to try it, and the feeling was magic. The ability to film from a high point of view was amazing, and flying an aircraft with a purpose, keeping it stable and being effective was and exhilarating challenge.

Shooting video from a drone (or multicopter) isn’t only fun, it’s also useful, eco-friendly, and cheap, as opposed to filming from a helicopter, and we just love doing it.

If you need more information, feel free to contact us, you will see we try our best to offer great and friendly services, at the right price.”


We are working with different machines, and each one has it’s role and capabilities.

We have small quadcopters for precise and discrete work like filming a wedding or a sports event, and for building inspections.

We have a big hexacopter to carry DSLR 4K cameras like the Lumix GH4

We are currently building a (very) big coaxial octocopter for carrying 4K cinema cameras like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera.


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