How to Shoot the Best Aerial Footages with Drones

Aerial Footages

It was not very long ago that Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) was only known as a military gadget and was not available to the mass. Today drones are everywhere, and almost anyone can buy it without the need of any license. The videographers today use drones for some interesting cinematic shots. It takes practice to control a drone with precision. Once the drone becomes your external eye that you can control perfectly with your fingers, you can use it to take the best aerial shots. With these tips, you will be able to take perfect shots of the landscapes. Here are some things to learn.

Adjust frame rate

The first thing to do is get that “film look” in your shots. To do this, you will need to adjust the frame rate to 24 fps which will make it look like a Hollywood feature. Choose the 4K quality for best resolution, and later you can also crop the frame for better focus. If you want to take action shots, 60-120 fos at 1080p will suit your camera more. You can also slow down the footage later for effects.

Wait for the light

Timing and lighting is very important in any video or photograph. When you shoot at the golden hours, you will get a dramatic contrast in the video with the shadows that will make the video more detailed. The colours also add more feel to the video with a warm and ethereal feel.

Watch the blades

When you are taking a flying shot, the drone can bank a bit too much, and the blades of it can dip into the frame. Even though the viewers know that your video is a drone shot, no one wants to see anything in the frame that ruins the shot. One simple trick to avoid this problem is: When you take a shot from one precise start to the end, fly backwards and reverse the video when you edit it. If there are any tell-tale objects in the frame like birds or moving objects, you can crop them out.


Use filters

Your drone camera also needs good filters to take cinematic shots. When you want to keep the movement in the scene as natural as possible, lower the shutter speed. While using 24 fps, set the shutter speed for 1/50 of a second. It that lets in too much light, you will need a density filter for your camera. With the use of some extra accessories, you will be able to take much better shots at slower shutter speeds to get the best clips.

Have a perspective

The most important thing while taking video shots is to have a perspective of how your shots are going to be. You will need a different perspective from the ones you have for shooting from your phone. Look out for the opportunities where you can take your robot out and let it fly high in the sky for continuous shots. To get more training on how to fly drones check out drone training schools.

How to Shoot the Best Aerial Footages with Drones

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