is a dynamic team of young pilots and cameramen.

“Drones, aerial footage, video work, in Belgium or elsewhere, we are serious about what we do, and make no compromises when it comes to delivering beautiful pictures to our clients, keeping the rules in mind, and most of all, security of the people on set.”



We offer a wide array of services, including filming for cinema, publicity, private events or real estate.



We have also had a lot of demands about real estate inspection for insurances, or technical investigation in areas with complicated access, like roofs or high towers. We have small drones that do the job very nicely.



We can take a camera in the air, give you video feedback and let you take the pictures you want. Just tell the pilot where to go, and he will take you there.



If you have ideas you want to share, don’t hesitate to write us, we are open to everything, as long as it involves flying. We can adapt and fit your gear on our machines, like thermal cameras or ground analysis equipment.
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